Cowboy Concurrent FAQ


Who can apply for Cowboy Concurrent Online?

If you are currently enrolled in an accredited high school and interested in earning college credit during your junior and/or senior years of high school, you may apply as a concurrent student.

What are the admissions requirements?

Admissions requirements for OSU concurrent students are listed here.

How do I apply?

Application steps for concurrent students are listed here.


How much do Cowboy Concurrent Online courses cost?

Oklahoma seniors eligible for concurrent enrollment will not incur out of pocket costs. Eligible seniors receive a tuition waiver from the state and a scholarship from the OSU Foundation to cover fees. Oklahoma high school juniors pay a reduced rate of only $750 per course. Out-of-state students are also eligible to take Cowboy Concurrent Online courses at a reduced rate of $900 per course. These reduced rates apply to the Cowboy Concurrent Online classes only. There will be a limit of 500 total students admitted to the Cowboy Concurrent Online coursework.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $40 application fee to apply to OSU. The concurrent application is only good for one semester at a time, and concurrent students must submit a new concurrent application for each semester they plan to attend in the future. However, the $40 application fee only needs to be paid on your initial application and carries forward for all future concurrent applications AND your full-time application later on. Oklahoma State University accepts application fee waivers from ACT, SAT and NACAC, and also accepts application fee waivers to students based on demonstrated need You can find out more information about this at the Concurrent Application Steps.

Are there any additional costs associated with Cowboy Concurrent Online courses?

We encourage all instructors to use Open Education Resources (OERs) when at all possible, and implement a variety of assessment methods to ensure our students have minimal additional course costs. However, some courses require textbooks and exam proctoring in order to maintain quality and academic integrity, which comes at an additional cost to the student. Any additional costs associated with the course will be posted on the course syllabus and available to students on the first day of class.


When can I enroll?

Fall 2020 course enrollment for Cowboy Concurrent Online begins April 1.

What classes can I take?

The Cowboy Concurrent Online program is currently limited to these six courses in Fall 2020:

ENGL 1113 - Composition I

HIST 1493 - American History Since 1865 (DH)

MATH 1513 - College Algebra (A)

MC 1143 - Media in a Diverse Society (DS)

POLS 1113 - American Government

PSYC 1113 - Introductory Psychology (S)

English Composition II is scheduled to be offered in Spring 2021. While you may be eligible to take other online classes at OSU, only the Cowboy Concurrent Online courses are offered exclusively for concurrent students at the discounted rate.

How many Cowboy Concurrent Online classes can I take?

Concurrent students typically take between 3 and 9 credit hours a semester determined by their high school counselor. Your high school counselor/principal will help determine the appropriate amount of hours you can take. Concurrent students are allowed to take the equivalent of 19 total credit hours between their high school and college course load each semester, with each high school course counting as 3 credit hours. High school seniors get a concurrent tuition waiver on 18 total credit hours, starting the summer before their senior year. Juniors get a tuition waiver on 9 total credit hours, starting the summer before their junior year.

Will I get a grade?

Yes. These courses are OSU courses and will count fully on your transcript just like any course taken by a full-time student.

Do I have to declare a major?

No! As a matter of fact, OSU concurrent students will not be assigned a major, even if they are sure of what they will eventually go into. We just like to know your top two or three options in order to give you the best academic advising we can.

How do I know I am prepared for College Algebra?

Students with a Math ACT score of 24 or higher, or a proctored math placement test score (ALEKS) of 40 or higher will be accepted into the Cowboy Concurrent Online College Algebra course.

Can I use these courses toward high school graduation?

Yes, with the approval of your high school.


Is there a difference between the Concurrent application and Freshman application?

Yes! They are very different applications and are not interchangeable. The concurrent application is only good for one semester at a time, and concurrent students must submit a new concurrent application for each semester they plan to attend in the future. The application for full-time students gathers more information and must be completed regardless of your concurrent coursework. However, the $40 application fee only needs to be paid on your initial application and carries forward for all future concurrent applications AND your full-time application later on.

Do online courses have the same quality as traditional, face-to-face classes?

Courses offered in the online format are held to the same standards as traditional courses. Instructors can meet the same course objectives as they would in a face-to-face course, they just approach the instruction and assessment in a different way. Implementing research-based strategies for online education allows instructors to create an interactive and engaging course, while upholding OSU’s high standard of academic integrity.

What times are Cowboy Concurrent Online courses offered and how does it fit into my high school schedule?

These courses are offered online, and do not have a set time to meet as a class. However, we recommend that you set a normal schedule to work on the online class at your high school (replacing the time that you would be in class, if you were taking the subject at your high school.)

How are the instructors selected to teach these courses?

The Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education have high standards for the instructors selected to teach concurrent courses. The department head of each academic discipline selects the instructors based on a demonstrated affinity for teaching and expertise within the discipline. Each instructor then undergoes training for online education and how to implement best practices and customize instruction for high school students.

Are Cowboy Concurrent Online Courses transferable to other colleges or universities?

Oklahoma State University is an accredited institution by the Higher Learning Commission. What this means for you is OSU courses have very high transferability to all Oklahoma colleges and universities, along with high transferability to colleges and universities across the country. However, each institution can have its own criteria for what courses it allows to be transferred. Because of that, always be sure to check with the college or university you plan on attending as a full-time student to make sure what you take as a concurrent student with OSU will count upon transferring.

What are the differences between Concurrent Enrollment and Advanced Placement Courses?

The Cowboy Concurrent Online program refers to classes offered to high school students for both high school and Oklahoma State credit. Advanced Placement courses provide college credit based on performance on a cumulative exam administered in May.


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