Teaching Technology

Recording and Livestreaming Courses

All of the GU and auxiliary classrooms are equipped to record and livestream instruction (using conferencing software like Canvas Conferences, Zoom or Microsoft Teams). Every classroom has a standard setup that includes a desktop computer, document camera, and a Huddle Cam (webcam). In large classroom spaces (seating over 50), there will also be a lapel microphone to provide voice amplification. In some smaller classrooms, an OWL interactive recording system has been installed.

Please note: Because of worldwide demand and shipping delays, some classrooms have temporary webcams installed until the HuddleCams arrive. The WebCams will support class video recording needs. All of the auxiliary spaces, such as the Colvin gym, will have the same classroom technology in addition to the HuddleCams.

Please DO NOT move the HuddleCams, WebCams or OWLs from their placement on the instructor desks. A list of the GU rooms and the recording technology that each contains is provided on the ITLE website.

At the beginning of each class, faculty will need to engage the videoconferencing program, and set to stream and record. Video instructions and stepwise directions are provided to help faculty set up their video conferencing accounts to record or stream and activate the classroom technology before class begins. Use the links below to view the videos and/or use the attached pdf stepwise directions to help you use the video technology.

If you experience any technology issues in your GU class, please contact ITLE for assistance by phone 744-7234, email ets@okstate.edu, or use the Service Request Form https://av.okstate.edu/.