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Segerman Explores Geometry From an Artistic Angle

Dr. Henry Segerman, assistant professor of mathematics at Oklahoma State University, will be a featured artist at the “Illustrating Geometry” art exhibition hosted by the Simons Center Art Gallery of Stony Brook University.


The exhibit features geometric sculptures from Segerman and fellow geometric topologist Saul Schleimer and runs from June 19 to August 1. The gallery is located on Stony Brook University’s campus in Long Island, N.Y.

Since 2009, Segerman has used his knowledge of mathematics to design his pieces, and with the help of 3-D printing, he is able to put his designs into sculptural form.

Segerman’s research is in three-dimensional geometry and topology. Concepts from these areas often appear in his artistic works. His other interests include procedural generation, self reference, ambigrams and puzzles.

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