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Nine Geology grad students earn AAPG grants

aapg resizeNine Oklahoma State University graduate students in the Boone Pickens School of Geology earned Grants-in-Aid awards from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Foundation.

The foundation received more than 430 applications from across the world, and a total of 126 grants were awarded. OSU students collectively received $15,750, which is approximately 5.7% of the total awards granted, totalling $274,750.  OSU students accounted for more than any other single university, and is a historical high-water mark for the school. 

  • Achang, Mercy (PhD – advised by Dr. Jack Pashin)
  • Adeboye, Oyeleye (PhD – advised by Dr. Tracy Quan)
  • Allen, Justin (MS – advised by Dr. Jim Puckette)
  • Bode Omoleye, Ibukun (PhD – advised by Dr. Michael Grammer)
  • Bailey, Phillip (MS – advised by Dr. Jay Gregg)
  • Gray, John (MS – advised by Dr. Jim Puckette)
  • Lukoczki, Georgina (PhD – advised by Dr. Jay Gregg)
  • Wang, Yulun (PhD – advised by Dr. Mike Grammer)
  • Xue, Liang (PhD – advised by Mohamed Abdelsalam)